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Designers of Modular Housing to suit the extremes of nature in the Australian Outback!

Indigenous Training

We provide concept design for Modular buildings designed specifically for the Australian Indigenous Community. These are designs being used internationally and do not use any steel or wood in the construction.

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Modular Products

We are currently working closely with the Regional Development Board in South Australia to establish Indigenous Youth training through the local T.A.F.E Colleges. This will allow construction in remote communities.

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Contact Us

We are in a close working relationship with a number of Modular Material Suppliers to provide low cost non labour intensive buildings for the most remote Indigenous communities. We are also working Internationally.

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Email : shadesofgreyic@bigpond.com
Phone: +61 415358086
Mail: Post Office Box 2032 Whyalla Norrie
South Australia 5608


  • We design both single and multistoreys homes and investment properties with Modular Construction and in traditional Brick Veneer.
  • We provide extension designs to existing properties using modular construction material.
  • In the event of a cyclone*, our Force10 homes would still be intact.
  • By utlilising the Force10 flooring system, as well as walls & roof trusses, these homes are also earthquake resistant*.
  • We have no direct affinity with any indivdual building company, we work for you!

We build Modular Construction homes for Australian Aboriginal people


Conceptual & Design Drafting in building Modular Construction Systems for Australian Aborigines

“50 Shades of Gray Indigenous Construction” is a Concept / Design drafting company with the ability to create stunning 'One Off Designs' within your budget and using the Modular Construction Systems to provide the highest Energy Star Ratings available.By utilizing composite construction building materials, we change the face of Modular Construction in Australia. READ MORE


We are not a Project Home Building Company.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. By using TurboCad Electronic Design we can create almost anything to suit your needs. We are not a Project Home Building Company.We do not have a "off-the-rack, one size fits all" house design. All our designs will be individual and based on your needs & requirements. READ MORE



“50 Shades of Gray Indigenous Construction” our goal is to not only help you design and build your dream home, but to make the process easy and enjoyable for you.We are a Concept design company with a wide range of experience.


Our mission is to provide not only low cost sustainable housing options to our indigenous Australians. But also provide on site and TAFE based training for the Indigenous Youth of Australia.


We are also working Internationally with countries like South Africa, Russia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand............

Flood Resistant

Flood Resistant

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Bush Fire Resistant

Bush Fire Resistant

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Cyclone & Earthquake Resistant

Cyclone & Earthquake Resistance

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