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FAB Building System

Designed to be the fastest quality building system in Australia.

The FAB Building System:

  • Consists of insulated skins, integrated insulation and a Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) frame.
  • Significantly reduces building costs.
  • Has a corner assembly which can be installed in less than 5 minutes
  • Enables external wall can be installed in 5 minutes per meter by experienced installers.
  • Is highly insulated to a point where 10 star houses on slabs are possible.
  • Incorporates JAS/ANZ CODEMARK Approved external cladding which deliver immediate certification and long term benefits and large cost savings:
  • Uses Non-Toxic internal and external sheathing and flooring solution
  • Provides the very best protection from fire, water or storm events
  • Results in Less maintenance due to wear and tear
  • Provides Protection from toxic mould and moisture build-up
  • Insulated fast install ceiling panel
  • Fire resistance up to BAL-Flame Zone
  • Does not rely on skilled labour for its installation
  • Delivers Weight Saving
  • Provides Logistics savings
  • OHS considerations as the board is lighter and simple to install