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Magnesium Oxide Board

Magnesium Oxide Board Corporation Pty Ltd

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MgO Corp Boards are a machine made sheet composed of naturally occurring mineral components, Alpha Cellulose Material and water that is mixed to our associated companies patented formula.

It does not contain any organic solvents, oils or toxic substances, nor does it contain any metal salts.

The board edges are cut square, tapered, tongue and groove, type 1, bevel and shiplap. Magnesium Oxide Board Corporation is ISO approved and all MgO Corp Boards
conform to ISO, JAS/ANZ, BCA and ABCB Codes.


MgO Corp Board is used as an internal lining and external wall board to provide smooth, strong, long lasting walls and ceilings for homes, offices, hospitals, hostels for the ages, schools, shops and factories. It's durable surface will accept most types of decorative finishing, including paint, wallpaper and texture compounds.

Joints between MgO Corp Board sheets are reinforced and concealed to provide a smooth, durable finish to the whole surface. Alternatively, the joints may be covered with a decorative moulding. Standard MgO Corp Board can be used for exterior ceilings and eaves lining.

MgO Corp Boards are fire and moisture resistant. When used in 'wet areas', installation is in accordance with the 'wet area installation' section of this guild. When used in fire risk areas, installation is in accordance with the 'general installation' section of this guide.